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Augment your team, Abzoid-ly.

We’re just a bunch of nice nerds building new technology and methodologies to answer the world’s “why” questions. And we don’t have any bosses.

Our vision is straightforward.

Abzu builds artificial intelligence that finds transparent and understandable answers to the world’s unanswered questions in science, business, and everyday life.

Our values are transparent.

Respecting that the answers we provide are merely hypotheses, we will always ensure that:

  • The hypotheses we provide will be explainable, statistically valid, and easy to audit and reproduce.
  • Data and insights will be handled in a secure, privacy-respecting, and ethically-sound manner.

About Abzu.

Founded in January 2018, Abzu is a deep-tech startup with offices in Barcelona, Spain and Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Abzu” is an Ancient Sumerian word meaning “subterranean water,” with the additional religious context of “the source of everything.” Peremptorily, we define “Abzu” as “the source of the waters of wisdom.”

About the Abzoids.

We are a friendly and intellectually promiscuous team of AI researchers, bioinformaticians, scientists, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about science.

31 Abzoids White arrow

Abzu exists to find transparent and understandable answers to the world’s unanswered questions.

11 nationalities White arrow

Abzoids hail from Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, India, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and the USA.

3 global offices White arrow

Abzu is incorporated in Barcelona, Spain and Copenhagen, Denmark, and we have an office in Basel, Switzerland.

8 PhDs White arrow

Abzoids have PhDs in Bioinformatics, Biophysics, Computational Biophysics, Molecular Biology, and Physics.

42% women White arrow

Abzu rates 20 points higher than the global average for women working in science, technology, engineering, and math.

0 bosses White arrow

Abzu is self-managing, which means we don’t have any bosses. We determine our own salaries, schedules, and work priorities.

Updated: March 2023

About Abzu.

Founded in January 2018, Abzu is a deep-tech startup. Transparency and trust are qualities integral to our technology and who we are.

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Learn about how we are developing new technologies to improve scientific discoveries, why our teal management structure fuels our innovation, when women shouldn’t be considered as outliers in STEM, and where we go winter bathing every Friday morning!

We are self-managing.

Abzu is a teal organization, which means we practice self-management.

We don’t have any bosses. Abzoids determine their own salaries and schedules and decide their work priorities for themselves.

This requires transparency and trust — qualities which are integral to our technology and who we are.

We are one of the 15 companies included in Maria Friis Larsen and Lise Lotte Wolff’s book, Leader, superhero or human, published in March 2023.

The Abzu handbook.

This document speaks to the core values at Abzu, explains our self-managing philosophy, and describes the foundational processes we practice at Abzu.

It’s also only 820 words.

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