TechBBQ 2022

Casper Wilstrup moderates panel at TechBBQ

TechBBQ is the largest and most ‘hyggelig’ Scandinavian event supporting the Nordic startup ecosystem.

LSX Nordic Congress

Abzu panel at LSX Nordic Congress

The leading senior executive strategy, investment and partnering conference for the Nordic region.

Binary Classification – the simple explanation

The simplest way to think about binary classification is that it is about sorting things into exactly two buckets. (Note: if you sort into more than two buckets, it’s called multiclass classification). Imagine you are a doctor and have a set of ten patients. You want to decide which of these patients have, say, influenza. […]

Understanding the data we create

Casper speaking on Understanding the data we create

In under 2 mins: Why we have to understand what the decisions we make are based on, not blindly trust that a computer is right.

TechBBQ 2021

Casper Wilstrup speaking at TechBBQ 2021

Accelerating scientific discoveries with Abzu’s explainable AI: A breast cancer example

Two Danish startups fight false news using artificial intelligence

The latest buzz about Abzu - Abzu news and press releases

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism reported in January 2020 that less than four in ten people trust most news most of the time. Only 38% of more than 80,000 people surveyed in 40 countries trusted most news, a fall of four percentage points from 2019[1]. False news is an increasing global “infodemic”. […]