We stand on the shoulders of giants

We simply couldn’t do it without the financial and intellectual support of our investors and advisors.

Abzu investors

We’re grateful for their partnership and fellowship, which empowers us to gather, explore, invent, and succeed.

Pre-seed + seed funding

Abzu has raised a total of €8.1M, and last closed a seed round in April 2021 for €4.9M.

Abzu advisory board

We’re backed by senior experts in AI and life science.

Abzu Advisory Board member: Serge Belonie

Serge Belongie

Head of the Danish pioneer Centre for AI, professor of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen, former Associate Dean at Cornell Tech, and visiting faculty member at Google.

Abzu Board member: Mette Kirstine Agger

Mette Kirstine Agger

Former Managing Partner at Lundbeckfonden Ventures. Board member of Dysis Medical, Cydan Development, Lexeo, Psioxus, and scPharmaceuticals. Co-founder and previous CEO of 7TM Pharma A/S.

Abzu Advisory Board member: Anders Gersel Pedersen

Anders Gersel Pedersen

Former Executive Vice President of Research + Development at Lundbeck. Deputy Chair of Bavarian Nordic and board member of Genmab, Hansa Medical, and Avillion.

Abzu Advisory Board member: Bo Rode Hansen

Bo Rode Hansen

President and CEO at Scandion Oncology. Former positions include President of Genevant Sciences, Global Head of RNA Therapeutics at Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen.

Awards + nominations

We are thrilled and honored to be recognized for our innovative technology and unique organization.

EY Entrepreneur of the Year
2022 nominee
“Startup – Copenhagen”
Nordic Startup Awards
2022 nominee
“Startup of the Year”
EY Entrepreneur of the Year
2021 nominee
“Startup – Copenhagen”
2021 speaker
“Nordic Showcase”
More awards
to come!
Reaching for the stars: Reaching for Abzu!

Abzu's origin story

In 2018, seven founders from Denmark, Italy, and Spain combined their knowledge in high-performance computing, AI, and systems-level software engineering to bring a bold idea to life.

Our technology: The QLattice®

We created a new class of artificial intelligence to accelerate scientific research: An explainable AI that carefully reveals the simplest explanation from vast amounts of observational data.

The QLattice generates explainable models
Abzu logo - XAI for RNATx

Raising for Series A

The technical challenge of building the QLattice is solved. Now we are raising a round of funding to help accelerate the development of new custom-made tools built on the engine of the QLattice.

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