AI in life science: Be a companion, not a passenger

Abzu puts the scientist at the center of AI to accelerate and de-risk drug R&D.

THE IMPORTANCE OF WHYReal problem-solving requires more than accurate predictions

Automatic outputs cannot be justified and reveal no new information. If you can’t understand ‘the why’ behind a result, then you don’t really know anything at all.

EXPLAINABILITYRational drug design

What if your model explained why your drug is effective?

We identify non-trivial and explainable relationships in data. Our models elevate scientists’ understanding of underlying mechanisms, accelerating the drug discovery process.

Classifying toxicity of ASOs

DATA INTEGRATIONMulti-omics ready

What if you could easily integrate different omics data types?

Substantial insights can be gained by integrating data sets. The QLattice seamlessly explores complex data sets with mixed data types, such as multi-omics data.

WIDE DATA SETSCutting through the noise

What if you could easily cut through the noise of high throughput data?

We are overwhelmed by biological data. It is becoming increasingly important to effectively search through massive amounts of information to make informed, timely decisions.

Distil wide data sets

POWERFULSimple is powerful

What if the solution is simpler than you thought?

What are Q waiting for?

Extract insights and explain the real relationships in your data. It’s time for transparency.