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Disease understanding with Abzu.

Discover the optimal signals to predict disease outcome.

Understanding which factors drive outcomes — and how they’re related — is a clear advantage for target identification, biomarker discovery, or successful clinical trials.

Explain treatment response.

We explored genes and gene-signature interactions to identify and explain treatment responses with Checkmate Pharmaceuticals.

We discovered and designed composite biomarkers in genes and gene-signature interactions to identify and explain treatment responses.

What people say about us.

Abzu’s scientists and technology - in combination with biomarkers as well as medical and social register data - is a very promising approach to personalized medicine.

Michael Christiansen - Research Director - SSI 2

Michael Christiansen

Research Director

Working with Abzu to analyze our clinical data provided us new insights and new hypotheses for exploring a biomarker-based enrichment strategy across cancer.

Art Krieg - CSO - Checkmate Pharmaceuticals 2

Art Krieg

CSO @ Checkmate

The knowledge produced with Abzu led to identifying some quantifiable drivers, which led to discovering the key biomarkers involved with SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Afshin Beheshti - President - COV-IRT 2

Afshin Beheshti


Reveal the hidden drivers in diseases, drugs, and patients.​

Abzu supports or supplants teams, projects, and pipelines with scientific expertise and new technology.​

Our technology and service offerings are flexible. We can help you identify novel relationships and relevant pathways — even in small data sets — resulting in a set of composite biomarker signatures.

Abzu’s bioinformaticians are experts at data scouting and sourcing, data cleaning, data preprocessing, and data preparation. How can we help you?

Target identification.

Our access to biobanks enhances your research and multi-omics data to identify hard-to-find relationships and new druggable targets.

Patient stratification.

Our insights reveal target-disease relationships and early predictive treatment responses for more successful clinical trials.

Biomarker identification.

Our GCP-certified support and optimized designs of inclusion and exclusion criteria satisfy regulatory compliance for signature nomination.

Start the conversation.​

Every team, project, and pipeline is unique, and we want to hear about yours.​

Contact us any way you like — email, phone, or online form — or schedule a one-on-one with a scientist.

Abzu accelerates scientific discoveries.​

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