Elyse Sims.

Elyse is Abzu's Head of Marketing and Communications.


The architect of Abzu's brand.

Head of Marketing and Communications with a passion for Abzu's spirit and growth.

Elyse is a dynamic force, continuously propelling Abzu and the Abzoids into the limelight of explainable AI and drug discovery. Her multifaceted role spans Marketing, Sales, and Operations, reflecting her versatility and commitment to Abzu and its vision. Outside the office, Elyse is an avid runner, CrossFit enthusiast, gardener, reader, and proficient swearer. 

We ditched the traditional swag option for a more personal and green approach: We encouraged Abzoids to bring their preferred textile – preferably pre-loved – to screen-print our logo on.
The explainable models from Abzu's QLattice allow Byrd to precisely understand what inputs have been used to determine if content has been falsified.
At Abzu, we’re for human-centric tech. We’re not for control by external agents, so we’ll never ask for anything we don’t need.

About Elyse Sims:

Head of Marketing and Communications.

Elyse is the heart of office culture at Abzu, known for her vivacity and ability to foster an environment rich in creativity and collaboration. Her multifaceted role spans Marketing, Sales, and Operations, reflecting her versatile expertise and why Elyse has been key to establishing a brand synonymous with innovation and quality.

With an EMBA from Georgia State University and a passion for the fast-paced startup environment, she brings over 15 years of international marketing expertise to Abzu.

Elyse is normally behind the camera. Here, she shows Jonas Wilstrup how to operate a phone machine.

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