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Abzoids are experts in scientific AI, entrepreneurship, and self-managing organizations.

Abzu video - Webinar - Drug and target discovery with explainable AI

Learn how explainable AI is enabling researchers to gain a deeper understanding of complex biological systems, uncover hidden patterns, and make more informed decisions.

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Abzu presents at the NASA GeneLab AWG Symposium 2023

Abzu’s Jonas Elsborg presents his research with NASA GeneLab: “Elucidating dermatological changes in spaceflight with explainable AI.”

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Abzu TOLAC app

The TOLAC project brings data-driven insights to expectant parents at important stages of pregnancy to reduce the risk inherent in vaginal or caesarian delivery.

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Elyse speaking about the Abzu Copenhagen office

See the Abzu Copenhagen office, and how we manage open-air collaboration, in 3 minutes.

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Abzu video - Meera chasing her dream job

Meera shares how her passion for mathematics brought her to study physics and ultimately become a Data Scientist and AI Researcher at Abzu.

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Casper speaking on Understanding the data we create

In under 2 mins: Why we have to understand what the decisions we make are based on and not blindly trust that a computer is right.

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Abzu video - CataloniaBio & HealthTech

A 2-minute introduction to Abzu, how we apply our AI technology to drug discovery, and our partnership with CataloniaBio and HealthTech.

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Lykke Pedersen, Head of RNA Therapeutics at Abzu, explains what makes Abzu unique

A 3 minute video about why Abzu was founded: To build a technology that approaches artificial intelligence in a new way.

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Casper Wilstrup speaking at TechBBQ 2021

A 17 minute video about Abzu’s origins and an impactful application of explainable AI in life science: diagnosing breast cancer mortality.

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Martin Mathiasen speaks on the future of work

Abzu i Go Aften Danmark! 2 minutter om fremtidens arbejdsform og hvorfor alle skal være deres egen chef.

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