Investors in Abzu

Our investors empower Abzu innovation.

The support of our partners helped us to become the best in class in silico RNA Tx company.

The foundation of our future.

Driving breakthroughs in drug discovery and AI.

The trust and resources provided by our VC partners and the European Innovation Council have been pivotal in scaling our operations and research capabilities. These investments in Abzu laid the foundation for us to unlock the future of RNA Tx with explainable AI.

Abzu breakthroughs in discovery and AI

Abzu is an EIC Accelerator Grant recipient.

Achieving the pinnacle of EU funding.

In a remarkable endorsement of our ethical technology, European values, and commitment to unlocking the future of RNA therapeutics, Abzu has been honored with an EIC Accelerator Grant at its maximum funding capacity of €2.5 million.

Pre-seed and seed funding: The power of partnership.

Abzu has raised a total of € 10.2 million in funding.

Investment in Abzu is more than financial backing; it’s a belief in our potential to revolutionize the field of RNA therapeutics with our AI-driven approach.

Thanks to our VCs:

One of the most experienced Nordic venture funds, Inventure specializes in helping with talent and expansion.

Vækstfonden supports successful businesses that grow the Danish economy and green the globe.

One of the best-performing funds in Europe, Seed Capital backs Danish founders all the way to exit.

One of Denmark’s most notable early-stage investors, PSV has a knack for identifying success early.

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