The QLattice is a radical new machine learning technology

Born from the desire to challenge the fundamental assumptions of contemporary, black-box AI, the QLattice introduces a new standard of interpretability.

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Physics is so damn “Feyn”

The QLattice is inspired by the physicist Richard Feynman, but you don’t need a PhD in Physics to understand how the QLattice thinks.

Imagine a particle traveling from input to output. You’d expect it to travel in a straight line. However, in the quantum realm, an infinite number of potential paths are possible, and traveled, at the same time.

The path of least resistance

Now imagine your data as particles traveling from input to output.

The QLattice simulates a quantum environment, generating an infinite number of possible paths, or relationships, in your data.

Although any path could explain the interactions in your data, the likeliest is the one of least resistance.

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EXPLAINABLE + INTEPRETABLEYou are going to like the way the QLattice thinks

The QLattice is neither a neural network, nor a decision-tree based model. It’s a high-performance, quantum simulator that reveals the simple mathematical solution to your problem.

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QLattices are free for non-commercial use, or contact us for a custom solution.