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Abzu’s QLattice uniquely identified key “partner” genes involved in skin spaceflight response, a new discovery for how spaceflight damages skin.
Understanding how bears can hibernate without developing blood clots or muscle atrophy can help humans prepare for the future of space travel.
A strategic partnership with Contera Pharma included ASO and siRNA therapeutic designs and target identification.
Our models, interfaced through an application, allowed scientists to modify LNP properties and observe the direct impact.
Stratifying patients at pretreatment by answering the question: Can we distinguish which patients will respond to OMO-103 treatment at baseline?
Simple models accurately predicted and explained key biomarkers for successful clinical trial test of siRNA designed to downregulate.

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Ready to transcend black-box AI and ordinary analytics?

Abzu unlocks discoveries in data, revealing insights that fuel innovation. Our proprietary explainable AI, the QLattice® is the cornerstone of our approach.

Founded in 2018, Abzu has offices in Copenhagen and Barcelona.

"Abzu" in Sumerian cuneiform

“Abzu” is an Ancient Sumerian word meaning “subterranean water,” with an additional religious context of “the source of everything.”

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