Explainable insights for life science

Abzu is bridging the gap between researchers and data scientists. Introducing a new standard of interpretability: simple visual depictions and straightforward mathematical expressions of your models.

Break the rules

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AI is not, by default, explainable

The QLattice is a new class of AI.

New + powerful technology

The QLattice® is neither a neural network, nor a decision-tree based model. It’s a high-performance, quantum simulator that reveals the simple mathematical solution to your problem.

What is a QLattice?

Clear, interpretable models

Straightforward graphs contain nodes with simple mathematical functions. Mouseover for scale, weight, and bias. Finally: explainable predictions and insights are at your fingertips.

Plain + pretty graphs

Plug and play with Python

Dissect your graph and its dynamics with Abzu’s Python library Feyn®. You’ll be training and deploying classification and regression models from your preferred Python environment in no time.

Feyn in five minutes

End your aimless experimentation

Without explainability and interpretability, no knowledge can be gained from machine-generated predictions.

Ready to really solve problems?

Fast and high-performing AI

MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SPEEDFast, high-performance predictions

Search a veritably infinite space for the best-fit models, and run scientific experiments faster than any other framework.

Transparent + explainable AI

YOU GOT SOME ‘SPLAININ TO DOTransparent + explainable models

Understand why decisions are made with easy-to-interpret models, straightforward graphical representations, and simple mathematical expressions.

Private and secure AI

TRUSTWORTHY AND SAFEPrivate, ethical, + responsible

Securely train models without moving or sharing data, protecting your information on your domain with our private-by-design workflow.

Clear and powerful insights, even for small datasets

Close the gap between hypothesis-driven research and traditional machine learning techniques.

Drug discovery
Clinical trials
Quality control

What are Q waiting for?

QLattices are free for non-commercial use, or contact us for a custom solution.