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Abzu has reimagined artificial intelligence to completely change the way problems are solved. Introducing traceable and shared insights and a new standard of interpretability.

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Abzu’s innovative QLattice™ builds learnings on experience instead of data. It’s a revolutionary way to accumulate and recombine learnings, and you can have your very own.

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qlattice = feyn.QLattice()
qgraph = qlattice.get_qgraph(data.columns, output="price")

New technology, new tools

A QLattice is a high-performing, quantum physics-inspired simulator that produces models similar to a Neural Network. It makes collaborative learning possible, so you can solve problems quickly.

What is a QLattice?

Clear and powerful insights

Straightforward graphical representations with assigned weights to each node allow you to interpret models clearly like a decision tree, while still maintaining a high level of learning performance.

Comprehensive documentation

Plug and play with Python

Dissect your graph and its dynamics with Abzu’s Python library, Feyn. You’ll be training and deploying classification and regression models from your preferred Python environment before you know it.

Feyn in five minutes
We keep it real

Explainable AITransparent and trustworthy

Understand why decisions are made in your domain with easy-to-interpret models and straightforward graphical representations.

Havin' a party

Sharable AINEW! Recombination Learning

Accelerate inferences by recombining learnings from previous observations so you can solve problems even with limited data.

It's classified

Private AIPrivacy by design

Train models without moving or sharing data, preserving you and your customers’ information and security.

Clear and powerful insights for any industry

Abzu is closing the artificial intelligence gap by empowering Data Scientists and Programmers to solve today’s business challenges, no matter the industry, business type, or size of the problem.

Life Science & Healthcare
Insurance & Banking
High Tech
Transportation & Logistics

What are Q waiting for?

The future of AI lies in the lifelike simulation of self-organizing systems. That's our QLattice, and it's ready for you.