Abzu's security policy.

The aim of Abzu’s security policy is to define the purpose, direction, principles, and basic rules for information security management at Abzu.


The information systems and processes that provide support for the development of applications of AI for life science, executed in Copenhagen and Barcelona, according to the Statement of Applicability.

Information security policy statement.

We strive for good security practice in order to best secure the client data that we work with as well as the intellectual property of Abzu.

We intend to minimize the security risks in a cost-effective manner, meaning we evaluate and treat risks based on the ratio between the cost associated with treating the risk and the negative revenue impact the risk carries.

Abzu’s Security Guild is committed to create and maintain the ISMS and security policy as well as make them clear and easy to follow for all of Abzu’s employees. This includes communication and education through actions such as awareness programs.

The goal is to make Abzu a trustworthy partner for clients as well as maintaining our core values and beliefs in transparency and privacy.

Information security objectives.

The strategic goal for the ISMS is to be compliant with the ISO 27001:2022 standard. This creates trust for Abzu’s clients in our ability to handle their data in a secure manner. This also ensures Abzu’s intellectual property will be well protected.

Abzu processes data for large enterprises and other businesses and Abzu therefore has high ambitions for cyber security. This, in turn, implies the importance of the ISO 27001:2022 for Abzu.


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