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Shape the future of RNA Tx.

Embark on a career where your contributions to RNA Tx and AI will redefine drug discovery.

Abzu’s story and mission:

Ready to transcend black-box AI and ordinary analytics?

Founded in 2018, Abzu builds trustworthy, explainable AI to accelerate pharma R&D.

Our proprietary explainable AI is the cornerstone of our approach. Combined with our in-house scientific expertise, we accelerate the development of new, innovative drugs.

"Abzu" in Sumerian cuneiform

“Abzu” is an Ancient Sumerian word meaning “subterranean water,” with an additional religious context of “the source of everything.”

We build trust and excellence by living our core values.

Our commitment to these core values shapes our approach to innovation and collaboration.


We conduct ourselves in an open, clear, and accountable manner, while respecting the sensitivity of information.


We speak our mind and are always true to our own selves, which leads to alignment and commitment. We do not lie.


We empower Abzoids to independently act and make decisions that align with personal, team, and company goals.

Join Abzu.

Can't find the perfect role? Your unique talents might be just what we need.

You can always introduce yourself by sending your resume and cover letter to jobs@abzu.ai.


No openings at this time.


No openings at this time.

About the Abzoids.

We are a friendly and intellectually promiscuous team of AI researchers and scientists.

16 Abzoids White arrow

Founded in 2018, Abzu builds trustworthy, explainable AI for life science.

9 nationalities White arrow

Abzoids hail from Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and the USA.

2 European offices White arrow

Abzu is incorporated in Barcelona, Spain and Copenhagen, Denmark.

5 PhDs White arrow

Abzoids have PhDs in Bioinformatics, Biophysics, Computational Biophysics, Physics, and Theoretical Chemistry.

44% women White arrow

Abzu rates 20 points higher than the global average for women working in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Updated: June 2024.

Inside Abzu: Dive into our culture.

Discover how transparency, honesty, and autonomy shape our day-to-day.

We ditched the traditional swag option for a more personal and green approach: We encouraged Abzoids to bring their preferred textile – preferably pre-loved – to screen-print our logo on.
Code camp is a tradition that we hold close to our hearts, not just because we've been doing it for over 5 years, but because it's a very efficient and effective way for us to create and innovate.
We practice pair programming at Abzu, an Agile software development technique that improves our code quality, efficiency, and collaboration.

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