Abzu scales discoveries in pharma R&D.

We accelerate exploration, understanding, and insights in pharma R&D with our expertise in pharma, AI, bioinformatics, and data science.

Proven team, technology, and results in pharma R&D.

Abzu has accelerated discoveries for many top-10 pharma companies and the most innovative biotech companies.

Support your team, project, and pipeline.

Abzu uses scientific expertise and new technologies to accelerate pharma R&D.

Abzu's pharma R&D services include:

Disease understanding.

Unlock new disease mechanisms and discover novel biomarkers.

RNA Therapeutics.

Design better drugs by understanding the mechanisms behind drug properties and activity.

Bioinformatics services.

Engage with biotech’s and pharma’s premier external data science experts.

Every pharma R&D team, project, and pipeline is unique.

And we want to hear about yours.

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How can Abzu accelerate your exploration and understanding?

Abzu’s proprietary discovery engine: The QLattice®.

Our QLattice® discovery engine is a new class of artificial intelligence (AI), built in-house on our patented technology.

Models developed by the QLattice have unparalleled accuracy, even with very little data, and are uniquely simple to understand.

The QLattice

Abzu R&D accelerates scientific discoveries.

Abzu's technology is cited in industry-leading publications and reports.

Abzu's QLattice cited Frontiers in Nutrition

Predicting weight loss success on a new Nordic diet: an untargeted multi-platform metabolomics and machine learning approach.

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Abzu's QLattice cited in Earth surface processes and landforms

A novel QLattice-based whitening machine learning model of landslide susceptibility mapping.

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Abzu's QLattice cited in Nature Mental Health

Plasma proteomics discovery of mental health risk biomarkers in adolescents.

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Abzu published in AIP Conference Proceedings

Analysis of the relationship between fetal health prediction features with machine learning Feyn QLattice regression model.

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