The future of RNA therapeutics is with Abzu.

Your partner for precise and exceptional results.

Abzu accelerates the development of new, innovative drugs with our proprietary explainable AI and expertise in RNA therapeutics.

Proven team, technology, and results.

Abzu is at the forefront of innovation, empowering groundbreaking results in pharma and biotech.

Leading in short oligonucleotide innovation and design.

Precision RNA therapeutics with ASOs, siRNAs, and antimiRs.

We’re redefining the potential of RNA therapeutics through our specialized workflow with ASOs, siRNAs, and antimiRs.

This focus ensures our therapeutics have high activity and exhibit minimal off-target effects, heralding a new era of precision medicine.


Abzu is your partner in RNA Tx design.

A cycle of innovation and optimization — to RNA therapeutics realization.

Whether we start with designs or your data, Abzu provides you the insights and confidence to accelerate your R&D and transform RNA Tx concepts into market-ready drugs.

The Abzu RNA Tx workflow

Abzu’s measurable impact in RNA Tx design.

Where proven results speak louder than promises, Abzu stands apart.

Our commitment to excellence is not just a claim — it’s a quantifiable reality.

Top-10 pharma result:

A 20% increase in safe ASOs over-and-above the in-house model.

Top-10 pharma result:

An AUC > 0.8 for in vitro and in vivo efficacy for partner siRNAs.

Biotech result:

A 4x increase in hit rate for the initial tiling library across 3 targets.

Less data, more discovery.

Make the most out of every piece of information.

Contrary to the data-heavy demands of black-box AI, our technology thrives on minimal data. This efficiency not only accelerates the discovery process, but also reduces your barrier to entry to develop new, innovative drugs.

Abzu bioinformatician
R2 benchmark of Abzu's QLattice performance
We achieve remarkable R2 scores that highlight our ability to grasp complex data patterns more effectively.

Benchmarks? We outperform them.

Our proprietary explainable AI outperforms in variance capture and sensitivity.

This benchmark from a real client case predicting molecule toxicity (using the same number of model features) is a testament to our proven team, technology, and results.

Our synergies can unlock the future of RNA therapeutics.

But first: Tell us about your scientific and business objectives.

Let’s have a conversation about your targets, therapies, and goals. If you share our vision for unlocking the future of RNA Tx with explainable AI, then please complete the form below to start the conversation.

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Abzu is making headlines.

Abzu's innovative work in RNA therapeutics and explainable AI makes waves in the scientific community and beyond.

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