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An infinite number of lead candidates does not mean an infinite number of drugs, let alone good drugs.
Lykke Pedersen, Chief Pharma Officer at Abzu, considers the benefits of explainable AI and its applications within the pharma industry.
Deep learning works like half a brain – without the other half, AI cannot meet growing expectations.
Symbolic AI works with less data, and is compatible with even the highest demands on transparency and explainability.
Code camp is a tradition that we hold close to our hearts, not just because we've been doing it for over 5 years, but because it's a very efficient and effective way for us to create and innovate.
We at Abzu had the privilege of being a prominent player in the future of AI in fintech: A journey marked by trust, where we must balance the capabilities of AI with human touch.
We practice pair programming at Abzu, an Agile software development technique that improves our code quality, efficiency, and collaboration.
If we want the financial industry to be considered more trustworthy than it is today, the use of AI in fintech is not off the table. But it calls for a cautious approach – and trustworthy AI.
According to my naturalist view, all stuff — including AIs — has some level of proto-consciousness. However, I’m fairly certain that current AIs aren’t experiencing unified consciousness like we do.
Good clinical practice requires responsible conduct and considerations of safety and ethics.
Everyone seems to be talking about trustworthy AI these days. Yet it isn’t always clear what that is supposed to mean.
Something is brewing in Europe. Is it an ecosystem of excellence?
The artificial intelligence deep tech startup identifies false news with its proprietary QLattice
At Abzu, we’re for human-centric tech. We’re not for control by external agents, so we’ll never ask for anything we don’t need.

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