AIP Conference Proceedings.

Abzu published in AIP Conference Proceedings

Analysis of the relationship between fetal health prediction features with machine learning Feyn QLattice regression model.

Information Fusion.

Abzu's QLattice cited in Information Fusion

Information fusion via symbolic regression: A tutorial in the context of human health.

Deep Tech Stories: Part 2

Abzu podcast - Casper Wilstrup on Deep Tech Stories

Part 2 with Casper Wilstrup: Self-management, transparency, and a new kind of AI to revolutionize science.

Cancer Genetics.

Abzu's QLattice cited in Cancer Genetics

Quantum lattices for early cancer detection through machine learning.

Abzu® awarded multi million EIC Accelerator grant.

Abzu will be applying the €2.5 million grant to the development of the Abzu AI platform, a user-friendly and easy-to-operate platform built on the QLattice engine that makes interpretable and explainable predictions widely accessible.