Information Fusion

Abzu published in Information Fusion

Information fusion via symbolic regression: A tutorial in the context of human health

Deep Tech Stories: Part 2

Abzu on Deep Tech Stories podcast

Part 2 with Casper Wilstrup: Self-management, transparency, and a new kind of AI to revolutionize science.

Cancer Genetics

Abzu publication - Cancer Genetics

Quantum lattices for early cancer detection through machine learning

Binary Classification – the simple explanation

The simplest way to think about binary classification is that it is about sorting things into exactly two buckets. (Note: if you sort into more than two buckets, it’s called multiclass classification). Imagine you are a doctor and have a set of ten patients. You want to decide which of these patients have, say, influenza. […]


Abzu publication in Bioinformatics

Identifying interactions in omics data for clinical biomarker discovery using symbolic regression