Mind blown! Meet Casper Wilstrup, CEO of Abzu, inventor of the QLattice, and expert on symbolic AI.

A discussion on AI, science, and philosophy, and Casper explains the symbolic AI behind Abzu's proprietary QLattice®.

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On Making Data Simple:

The Making Data Simple Podcast is hosted by Al Martin, WW VP Technical Sales, IBM, where we explore trending technologies, business innovation, and leadership … while keeping it simple & fun.

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Dr. Andree Bates and Casper Wilstrup discuss how Abzu’s QLattice explainable AI algorithm can be used to accelerate disease understanding, drug design, and insights in Pharma R&D.
Lyt til Casper Wilstrup, CEO i Abzu, der ser, at next step er, at AI går fra et hjælpemiddel til direkte at overtage det menneskelige arbejde.

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