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Models developed by the QLattice have unparalleled accuracy, even with very little data, and are uniquely simple to understand.

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Researchers and and scientists cite Abzu’s QLattice in industry-leading publications for introducing a new standard of performance and explainability to data sets.

Predicting weight loss success on a new Nordic diet: an untargeted multi-platform metabolomics and machine learning approach.

A novel QLattice-based whitening machine learning model of landslide susceptibility mapping.

Plasma proteomics discovery of mental health risk biomarkers in adolescents.

Analysis of the relationship between fetal health prediction features with machine learning Feyn QLattice regression model.

Artificial intelligence for diagnosis of mild–moderate COVID-19 using haematological markers.

Information fusion via symbolic regression: A tutorial in the context of human health.

Quantum lattices for early cancer detection through machine learning.

Predicting inpatient mortality in patients with inflammatory bowel disease: A machine learning approach.

What is the QLattice?

The QLattice artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm is a supervised machine learning method for symbolic regression.

Models developed by the QLattice have unparalleled accuracy, even with very little data, and are uniquely simple to understand.

Invented by Casper Wilstrup and developed in-house by Abzu, the technology behind the QLattice is patented.

Gartner® mentions the QLattice as explainable and trustworthy AI.

From market guides to industry trends to Cool Vendor™, Abzu’s QLattice has been mentioned in Gartner® research.

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Market Guide for AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management.

January 16, 2023 | ID G00758388
Initiatives: Artificial Intelligence

AI brings new trust, risk and security management challenges that conventional controls do not address. Data and analytics leaders must use the capabilities described in this guide to improve model reliability, trustworthiness, fairness, privacy and security. Sample vendors are provided.

Data Science and Machine Learning Trends You Can't Ignore.

January 6, 2023 | ID G00781329
Initiatives: Analytics, BI and Data Science Solutions

Data and analytics leaders should study this presentation to understand key trends influencing the future of ML and data science, such as AI engineering, MLOps, edge AI, federated ML, synthetic data and graph data science. They will learn about emerging ML capabilities and sample tools and vendors.

Life Science CIOs, Accelerate Clinical Development with New Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

October 31, 2022 | ID G00775964
Initiatives: Healthcare and Life Science Digital Optimization and Modernization

AI promises radical improvements in clinical trial efficiency, with notable early successes, yet fear, uncertainty and doubt among business and IT users slows acceptance and adoption. CIOs can use this research to demystify AI and identify the right approaches to ensure successful AI initiatives.

Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023: AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management.

October 17, 2022 | ID G00773522
Initiatives: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence requires new forms of trust, risk and security management, yet organizations investigate these mainly to comply with regulations. IT leaders must change their approach, adopting AI TRiSM to protect their organizations and improve their business outcomes from AI models.

Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023.

October 17, 2022 | ID G00775990
Initiatives: Digital Future

Thriving in times of intense economic and social volatility requires organizations to find new forms of efficiency in their operations, scale their productivity and pioneer new business models. IT leaders and other executives must use our trends to enable their organizations to succeed.

Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Artificial Intelligence.

October 13, 2022 | ID G00766341
Initiatives: Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact on Products and Services
AI is maturing with the latest innovations clustered around AI-enabled applications, workforce productivity and human-centric AI. Product leaders must understand timing and impact for various AI technologies to effectively embed them, to add intelligence to their solutions for competitive advantage.

Cool Vendors in AI Governance and Responsible AI — From Principles to Practice.

February 9, 2022 | ID G00720014
Initiatives: Artificial Intelligence

Data and analytics leaders must understand responsible AI and the measurable elements of that hierarchy — bias detection and mitigation, explainability, and interpretability. Supporting these practices facilitates understanding, trust and performance accountability required by stakeholders.

Innovation Insight for Bias Detection/Mitigation, Explainable AI, and Interpretable AI.

June 13, 2022 | ID G00766708
Initiatives: Artificial Intelligence

Growing adoption of artificial intelligence is forcing organizations to adopt practical approaches that resonate with their business and industry. Tools for AI safety, privacy, compliance, explainability, assurance and AI for good are increasingly available to data and analytics leaders.

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