The EU AI Act for developers: Abzu’s Bird&Bird Nordic AI seminar.

This session provides an in-depth look at several critical aspects of the AI Act from the perspective of developers.

Abzu's seminar:

"The EU AI Act for developers."

Given by Casper Wilstrup, founder and CEO of Abzu, at Bird & Bird’s Nordic AI roadshow seminar: EU AI Act for developers.

On the seminar:

Bird & Bird's Nordic AI roadshow: EU AI Act for developers.

This session provides an in-depth look at several critical aspects of the EU AI Act from the perspective of developers. Accordingly, both internal teams of developers in companies that plan to use AI in their IT systems or applications, and also those in tech startups.

The seminar will also features insights from an EU-based artificial intelligence developer, Casper Wilstrup, founder and CEO of Abzu. He will provide a practitioner’s perspective on the Act’s approach to regulating artificial intelligence systems and applications.

Abzu's session:

Bird & Bird's Nordic AI roadshow.

Firstly, it will offer an overview of the latest draft text of the EU AI Act, focusing on its implications and updates. Secondly, the seminar will delve into the risk-based model of AI regulation, an approach that categorises AI systems based on their potential impact and associated risks.

Lastly, the session will address whether the EU AI Act or adjacent legislation proposes any supportive measures such as grants or financial aid to assist European Union-based artificial intelligence developers.

Additionally, the seminar will touch upon other legal challenges that artificial intelligence developers might need to consider, which extend beyond the scope of the current draft.

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