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We are a bunch of nice nerds building trustworthy AI to answer the world’s “why” questions. And Abzoids don’t have any bosses.

We ditched the traditional swag option for a more personal and green approach: We encouraged Abzoids to bring their preferred textile – preferably pre-loved – to screen-print our logo on.
Code camp is a tradition that we hold close to our hearts, not just because we've been doing it for over 5 years, but because it's a very efficient and effective way for us to create and innovate.
We practice pair programming at Abzu, an Agile software development technique that improves our code quality, efficiency, and collaboration.
An enlightening conversation with Marco Salvatore , a pioneer in the use of AI and ML in biomarker discovery and drug development.
The TOLAC project brings data-driven insights to expectant parents at important stages of pregnancy to reduce the risk inherent in vaginal or caesarian delivery.
Part 2 on Deep Tech Stories: Casper Wilstrup on self-management and building a transparent organization.
See the Abzu Copenhagen office, and how we manage open-air collaboration, in 3 minutes.
On Deep Tech stories podcast: An interview with Casper Wilstrup on he path to inventing a new kind of AI.
Meera shares how her passion for mathematics brought her to study physics and ultimately become a Data Scientist and AI Researcher at Abzu.
On The Healthtech Podcast, Casper talks about how Abzu was founded, and everything healthcare and technology.
A 2-minute introduction to Abzu, how we apply our AI technology to drug discovery, and our partnership with CataloniaBio and HealthTech.
A 3 minute video about why Abzu was founded: To build a technology that approaches artificial intelligence in a new way.
Crucial for attracting highly-skilled people who come from very highly-paid jobs, Abzu's unique culture aims to motivate employees by giving them more responsiblity.
Abzu er de 100 % transparente ift. alt fra økonomi til bestyrelsesmateriale. Det her er deres iværksætterhistorie.
At Abzu, we’re for human-centric tech. We’re not for control by external agents, so we’ll never ask for anything we don’t need.
Abzu in Danish National TV2 "Go Aften Danmark", Jan 7, 2019. Two minutes about the future of work and about self-setting wages
In the “new normal,” we’ve democratized our “video window”: Now we leave a Zoom room open all day, which has an average of eight Abzu faces at any time with various emotions (concentration, frustration, amusement, etc.), or sometimes empty chairs or couches as symbols of solidarity, or the occasional cat or kid vying for attention.

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