Meera: Chasing my dream job.

Meera shares how her passion for mathematics brought her to study physics and ultimately become a Data Scientist and AI Researcher at Abzu.

This video is part of an interview series about career journeys by Novorésumé.


I love dealing with data I love. Debugging code as well. And some people don’t really like to do it, but I find it so funny.

My name is Meera. I am 30 years old and I work as a Data Scientist and AI Researcher at Abzu.

My journey began with mathematics, really. This passion for for mathematics that developed into liking physics because it was applied mathematics.

So that got me much more interested, and then I decided to study physics at the university because it just sounded like something I would have fun with for those four years there.

I was always dreaming that I would be this sort of person on a blackboard writing down all of these equations, but then you realize when you studied that if you really want to contribute to science you have to get the power of computers to help you.

There are actually many things that I love about my job. Coding is something that I really like. Doing data analysis is something that I really like doing. Working in collaboration. I really enjoy doing it so all these aspects together just make me really like what I do in Abzu and really make me excited to wake up every day and get there.

Tailoring your CV to the company that you’re applying to, that is truly about taking your capabilities and your talents and what is it that you can do and make it so that the the things that the company is looking for are the ones that pop the most. But honestly, the moment that you send it off you get quite excited about it. And it will be worth it.

If I could tell something to my 20-year-old self, first thing I would say is that: “Good job! You’re on the right track!” Because she was already a person striving to really work with something that she was passionate about and that she would not really feel burdened by and that she would be just working to get some money. So she was already doing a great job.

And I would also tell her: “You can relax a bit more because you’re no imposter. You are really intelligent, smart, and you work hard. And you belong where you are.

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