TechBBQ 2022 – The largest and most “hyggelig” Scandinavian statup event.

TechBBQ is the largest and most "hyggelig" Scandinavian event supporting the Nordic startup ecosystem.

Abzu's panel:

"Is AI dead? Hype, reality and responsibility on a global scale."

Abzu’s founder and CEO, Casper Wilstrup, moderated this panel at TechBBQ 2022.

On the conference:

TechBBQ: Where hygge and tech meet.

TechBBQ started out as a small BBQ gathering for tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs back in 2013, in a park in Copenhagen. Over the years, we have grown and evolved into the largest and most “hyggelig” event of its kind in Scandinavia.

Every September, we welcome an increasing number of people from around the globe. Our annual summit expertly connects tech & hygge: it is designed so that you can meet innovative and groundbreaking startups in the ecosystem, discuss the latest trends, network in a cozy and vibrant atmosphere, get inspired by trendsetting speakers – and enjoy a good old-fashioned BBQ!

Is AI dead? Hype, reality and responsibility on a global scale.

TechBBQ 2022 panel abstract:

Is AI as scary as everyone thinks it is?

This conversation will look at AI from an ethical perspective, and foster a conversation about what it can and cannot do in reality. (Will it take over our jobs? Could AI become sentient?)

In this discussion at TechBBQ 2022, we’re going to get real while also being responsible about what AI really means for the future of our culture and workforce from human rights, business, and consumer perspectives.

Moderated by Casper Wilstrup, CEO, Abzu with panelists Elena Poughia, Founder at Data Natives & CEO at Dataconomy; Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy, Founder and CEO at Neurons; and Frederike Kaltheuner, Director at Human Rights Watch.

Abzu at Tech BBQ 2022

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