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TechBBQ 2021

TechBBQ is the largest and most ‘hyggelig’ Scandinavian event supporting the Nordic startup ecosystem.

Thu. Sept. 16, 2021

3:25 – 4:00

Copenhagen, Denmark

Jonas Wilstrup, CFO and COO Abzu, at TechBBQ


Exploring regenerative futures: How to embed sustainability into the building blocks of your startup

Jonas Wilstrup, CFO + COO

Moving into the future, there is a need to shift the mindset of the startup ecosystem so that sustainability is at the forefront of building businesses that consciously contribute to restoring and regenerating our planet. Whether or not one identifies as a mission-based or purpose-driven startup, the crucial question is how can sustainable and regenerative thinking be embedded into the building process from the get-go? Is it even possible for a company to balance human resource, the earth, and profit such that it “gives back” but still proceeds to scale rapidly with a high ROI?

From a multi-stakeholder perspective, this panel will work to consider the different sustainability trends that are emerging in the startup world, the challenges and issues revealed, and how regenerative thinking can be brought into businesses, and aspire to restore the future of our planet and human livelihood.


Moderated by Anna Søndergaard, Co-founder and CEO of The Footprint Firm, with panelists Jonas Wilstrup, COO, Abzu; Birgit Liodden, Founder and Chief Mermaid, The Ocean Opportunity Lab; and Alexander Viterbo-Horten, Investment Director, PreSeed Ventures.

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Casper Wilstrup moderates panel at TechBBQ

TechBBQ is the largest and most ‘hyggelig’ Scandinavian event supporting the Nordic startup ecosystem.

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