Abzu, new CataloniaBio & HealthTech member.

A 2-minute introduction to Abzu, how we apply our AI technology to drug discovery, and our partnership with CataloniaBio and HealthTech.

Thanks to CataloniaBio, Nest City Lab, and all the Abzoids that helped us create this video. This transcript has minor edits for readability.



Hi, I’m Victor. I’m one of the founders of Abzu, a startup company founded in 2018 in Barcelona and Copenhagen. We are building a technology that empowers scientists to make new discoveries thanks to the explainable AI that we built in-house here in Barcelona.

I’m part of the product team, and we are developing the new technology that will break the ground in life science AI.


The QLattice® is different to traditional machine learning models in that it’s not a black-box model that you get.

You are able to gain insights into how each feature in a data set contributes to the treatment effects, and this allows you to not only figure out whether a person will respond to a treatment in the clinical trial setting, but also figure out why they are different from the rest of the population.

This allows you to do things like patient stratification, and it allows you to better investigate how to improve your drugs if you’re in a drug discovery process… And gain more insights as a scientist into the inner workings of what makes your data what it is.


We’re at our offices at the Nest City Lab in Poblenou, and we also have offices in Copenhagen and in Basel in Switzerland. So these are actually some of the most important life science hubs in Europe.

We have joined CataloniaBio because we consider that our AI technology can really revolutionize how machine learning and AI is done in the life sciences.

We have applications in drug discovery, biomarker identification, and it’s actually particularly good at extracting (until now) hidden learnings from small data sets, such as omics data, and basically any hypothesis or problem that actually needs a simple explanation, while conserving accuracy, is where it really excels.

We’re really excited to find possible synergies and collaborations with other members of the cluster and basically apply our technology to any problem that actually requires a simple explanation that can, in the end, benefit patient and human health.


We are CataloniaBio and HealthTech!

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