Decoding Life: Conversations with a Computational Biologist.

An enlightening conversation with Marco Salvatore , a pioneer in the use of AI and ML in biomarker discovery and drug development.

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On Decoding Life:

In the second episode of “Decoding Life: Conversations with a Computational Biologist,” Ayoub L., engages in an enlightening conversation with Marco Salvatore, a pioneer in the use of AI and ML in drug development. This episode provides a deep dive into the evolving landscape of AI and ML applications in drug and biological product development, inspired by the recent discussions initiated by the FDA.

The FDA is on a mission to provide clearer regulatory guidelines around the use of AI/ML in drug development, seeking insights from industry leaders. The focal areas include human-led governance, accountability, transparency, data quality, reliability, representativeness, and model development, performance, monitoring, and validation.

Through this episode, Marco shares his unique insights on these critical areas, shedding light on the current challenges and the opportunities AI/ML brings to the drug development process. He shares his views on a myriad of pertinent topics: From the intricacies of maintaining transparency in AI-powered drug development, to ensuring effective human involvement in the process, to best practices in data privacy, security, and integrity.

Whether you are an expert in the field or a curious listener intrigued by the intersections of technology and biology, this episode promises a comprehensive understanding of the evolving AI and ML landscapes in drug development. Tune in to ‘Decoding Life’ for an engaging, insightful conversation about the future of computational biology and pharmaceuticals!

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