Sound Check 2022: The Abzu Copenhagen office

See the Abzu Copenhagen office, and how we manage open-air collaboration in 3 minutes.

This interview is part of Sound Check 2022, a conversation series on office wellbeing and acoustics initiated by Rockfon. Check out the complete Abzu case story here.

Today, Abzu has 22 employees, whom they call Abzoids. 15 Abzoids work in their beautiful new office in Copenhagen, with views of the Nordhavn harbor. When moving into the open office, Elyse says they made special considerations to ensure they could foster collaboration in different ways. From meeting rooms to semi-sectioned off spaces, the Abzu team was really creative with how they decided to use the space.

Because we can work from anywhere at any time, it’s really important for us to have a space where people want to collaborate and people want to come in, and I think we’re lucky enough to have that space

With an understanding that every employee works differently, the Abzu office is really adaptable to different situations and employees’ needs.

Every employee works a little bit differently. So sometimes headphones on mean don't disturb, but sometimes headphones on mean I'm just listening to a great album.

Another important factor when designing the Abzu office space was sustainability. As an ethically-conscious company, they made sure that the wood in the conference tables, the acoustic walls and the side tables, for example, were sustainably made.

When purchasing furniture for their new space, Elyse emphasized the benefits of consulting experts and visiting showrooms to get help deciding what was the best furniture for Abzu.

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