Abzu identified which metabolites are present in early or late denning in bears.

Understanding how bears can hibernate without developing blood clots or muscle atrophy can help humans prepare for the future of space travel.

Tinen Iles is an Assistant Professor Surgery at University of Minnesota Medical School, and also faculty in Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Mechanical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering.

Abzu analyzed omics data to identify which metabolites are present in early or late denning in bears.

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We worked with Tinen Iles, who collected blood samples in Northern Minnesota from 34 early- and 27 late-denning bears, to develop a dataset with 402 blood metabolite features.

The QLattice developed the top 10 best-performing models and also the insights to identifying the metabolites present in late hibernating bears.

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I really enjoy working with Abzu because even though I have my doctorate in bioinformatics, I want to be on the forefront of what’s happening and how I can apply that to my research.

Tinen Iles, Assistant Professor Surgery

Outperforming classification models — with added explainability.

A very simple model clearly identified that triglycerides with double bonds are present in late-denning bears.

By revealing the different metabolic pathways between early- and late-denning bears, we have the insights and confidence to predict and understand thrombosis and heart failure — and potentially inhibit those pathways.

Additionally, understanding how blood clots and muscle atrophy can arise can help humans prepare for long human spaceflights.


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