Abzu discovered key biomarkers for clinical trial success.

Simple models accurately predicted and explained key biomarkers for clinical trial success.

Checkmate Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage biotechnology company focusing on harnessing the power of the immune system to combat cancer. Identifying these key biomarkers was pivotal in their sale to Regeneron.

Abzu revealed key biomarkers behind treatment response.

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We supported a single Computational Biologist with expertise in target discovery and target validation in oncology to identify the key biomarkers for clinical trial.

Abzu bioinformatician

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Working with Abzu to analyze our clinical data has provided us with new insights and helped us generate new hypotheses for exploring the potential for a biomarker-based enrichment strategy across cancer.

Art Krieg, Chief Scientific Officer

Genetic biomarkers as indicators of treatment response.

We explored gene-signature interactions to identify and explain treatment responses.

Biomarker levels can reveal the biological processes that influence treatment efficacy — but only if there is an understanding of the “why” behind these processes.

Understanding which factors drive outcomes — and how they’re related — is a clear advantage for clinical trial success.


Less data, more discovery.

Make the most out of every piece of information.

Contrary to the data-heavy demands of black-box AI, our technology thrives on minimal data. This efficiency not only accelerates the discovery process, but also reduces your barrier to entry to develop new, innovative drugs.

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Abzu's in-house activity models for RNA therapeutics are best-in-class for designing safe ASOs.

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