Improving cancer biomarker discovery and design

We discovered and designed composite biomarkers for more successful clinical trials

We explored genes and gene-signature interactions to identify and explain treatment responses with Checkmate Pharmaceuticals

There is a bottleneck in biomarker discovery

Collecting patient data from clinical trials is time-consuming and expensive.
Scientists and researchers are often left with small and disjointed datasets (few samples and disparate pieces of information) to explain drug responses. The result is that the FDA approves only 1 to 3 biomarkers for clinical use each year[1].

The customer: Checkmate Pharmaceuticals

We supported a single Computational Biologist with expertise in target discovery and target validation in oncology.

Why Abzu?

Because traditional machine learning techniques don’t deliver enough actionable insights for scientists and researchers.

Technology + services

Abzu’s flexible services include our explainable AI, the QLattice®, and data access, data processing, and regulatory compliance and approval.

The Abzoids

The Abzoids dedicated to this project were Lykke Pedersen, PhD in Biophysics, Valdemar Stentoft-Hansen, MSc in Economics, and Martin Mathiasen, Business + Customers.

Simple models more accurately predict and explain treatment responses

Flexibility to suit your needs

Scientific understanding of drug properties of RNA therapeutics

Data access + data processing

We enhance your research with biobank access and prepare your raw data for analysis.
Abzu logo - xAI for RNATx

High-performing + interpretable results

Receive a set of composite biomarker signatures with clear and explainable model interpretations.
Potential deliverable: A report withg findings about RNATx efficacy, toxicity, etc

Regularly compliance + approval

Confidently nominate your signature with our comprehensive report and support.

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