Nordic Digital Science & Innovation Day

Sharing the latest trends, innovations, and best practices for digitizing R&D assets to accelerate modern science.

Tues., Sept. 13

9:00 – 5:00

Copenhagen, Denmark

Lykke Pedersen, Head of RNA Therapeutics at Abzu


Discovering RNA therapeutics with Abzu’s explainable AI

Lykke Pedersen, Head of RNA Therapeutics
Two of the most promising advances in healthcare technology – RNA therapeutics and explainable AI – are fundamentally transforming what’s possible in the field of therapeutic development.
With symbolic regression, heterogenous data (such as sequences and multi-omics data) can effortlessly be integrated, and intricate nonlinear relationships can be revealed – even on wide datasets.
The core technology of Abzu, the QLattice®, is a symbolic regression engine that generates a veritably infinite number of mathematical models to explain fundamental interactions – and yet identifying and understanding interactions is easy with straightforward and simple models.
By using the QLattice, scientists gain a deeper understanding of biological and chemical mechanisms to create new drugs and modalities and increase their success rate, reducing the time required for drug discovery.

Event overview

The BioInnovation Institute (BII) and Benchling hosted a one day, free-to-attend event in Copenhagen that focused on R&D Digital Transformation in Nordic Life Sciences.

The Nordic Digital Science & Innovation Day brought together leading biotech organizations, consultancies, foundations and tech innovators in the region to share the latest trends, innovations and best practices for digitizing R&D assets to accelerate modern science.

Abzu keynote at Nordic Digital Science & Innovation Day


Lykke Pedersen

Lykke Pedersen

Lykke was awarded her PhD in Biophysics from the University of Copenhagen and conducted research at the Niels Bohr Institute. Family and close friends matter most to Lykke. She has kept her sourdough starter alive for a full year and taught her 7 year old son about prime numbers.

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