Nordic Digital Science & Innovation Day.

Sharing the latest trends, innovations, and best practices for digitizing R&D assets to accelerate modern science.

Abzu's keynote:

"Discovering RNA therapeutics with Abzu’s explainable AI."

Given by Lykke Pedersen, Abzu’s Chief Pharma Officer at the Nordic Digital Science & Innovation Day.

On the conference:

Hosted byThe BioInnovation Institute (BII) and Benchling.

The Nordic Digital Science & Innovation Day will bring together leading biotech organisations, consultancies, foundations and tech innovators in the region to share the latest trends, innovations and best practices for digitising R&D assets to accelerate modern science.

Discovering RNA therapeutics with Abzu’s explainable AI.

The Nordic Digital Science & Innovation Day abstract:

Two of the most promising advances in healthcare technology – RNA therapeutics and explainable AI – are fundamentally transforming what’s possible in the field of therapeutic development.

With symbolic regression, heterogenous data (such as sequences and multi-omics data) can effortlessly be integrated, and intricate nonlinear relationships can be revealed – even on wide datasets.

The core technology of Abzu, the QLattice®, is a symbolic regression engine that generates a veritably infinite number of mathematical models to explain fundamental interactions – and yet identifying and understanding interactions is easy with straightforward and simple models.

By using the QLattice, scientists gain a deeper understanding of biological and chemical mechanisms to create new drugs and modalities and increase their success rate, reducing the time required for drug discovery.

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