GSK 11th Annual Oligonucleotide Networking Event.

A networking event about chartering the future for oligo innovation.

Abzu's presentation:

"Designing RNA therapeutics with explainable AI."

Given by Martin Kerr, Business Development and Pharma Partnerships at Abzu, at the GSK 11th Annual Oligonucleotide Networking Event.

On the networking event:

The GSK 11th Annual Oligonucleotide Networking Event.

One of the industry’s best kept secrets, this is an invite-only networking event. It’s hosted at GSK’s Stevenage location, home to more than 2,500 GSK people focused on discovering and developing new medicines.

This event will include presentations on regulatory matters, sustainability, next-generation data processing and design, advances in analytics, and discovering the next generation of oligo therapies.

Abzu presents at the GSK 11th Annual Oligonucleotide Networking Event

Designing RNA therapeutics with explainable AI.

The GSK 11th Annual Oligonucleotide Networking Event presentation:

RNA therapeutics are great in theory, but often not in practice. This is because drug properties often work when tested in cells (in vitro), but then fail later in animals (in vivo.)

How can we reduce this gap between in vitro and in vivo? As the best in class in silico RNA therapeutics company, it’s Abzu’s mission to do exactly that. Abzu has a proven track record of:

  • Reducing the time from target identification to clinical by 1+ year,
  • Doubling the success rate of drug discovery projects, and
  • Saving pharmaceutical and biotech companies millions in expensive experiments.

Come see Martin Kerr present how Abzu’s proprietary technology moves us closer to in silico-designed drugs that work in humans.

Abzu’s story and mission:

Ready to transcend black-box AI and ordinary analytics?

Founded in 2018, Abzu has established itself as the best in class in silico RNA Tx company.

Our proprietary explainable AI is the cornerstone of our approach. Combined with our RNA Tx expertise, we accelerate the development of precise, innovative drugs.

"Abzu" in Sumerian cuneiform

“Abzu” is an Ancient Sumerian word meaning “subterranean water,” with an additional religious context of “the source of everything.”

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