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Bioinformatics services by Abzu.​

Augment your team to accelerate your research and findings.

Access an expert team to interpret insights from bulk or single cell data with various data analytics methodologies — including our proprietary AI discovery engine, the QLattice®.

What people say about us.

We are very happy to have Abzu's scientists close in our innovation ecosystem. Our collaboration with Abzu has added new aspects to drug discovery data.

Morten Lindow - Matrix Lead Therapeutic Modalities - Roche 2

Morten Lindow

Matrix Lead Therapeutic
Modalities @ Roche

Abzu’s explainable AI and in-house RNA and data science capabilities are key stepping stones in our development of novel and innovative therapeutics.

Kenneth Vielsted Christensen - Chief Scientific Officer - Contera Pharma

Kenneth Vielsted Christensen

Chief Scientific Officer
@ Contera Pharma

Working with Abzu to analyze our clinical data provided us new insights and new hypotheses for exploring a biomarker-based enrichment strategy across cancer.

Art Krieg - CSO - Checkmate Pharmaceuticals 2

Art Krieg

CSO @ Checkmate

Bridge the gap between your scientists and data scientists.

Abzu supports or supplants teams, projects, and pipelines with scientific expertise and new technology.

Our technology and service offerings are flexible. We can help you acquire, process, analyze, and explore bulk and single cell data in a range of organisms, diseases, and applications.

Abzu’s bioinformaticians are experts in bioinformatics, machine learning, and data science. What can we help you with?

We're multidisciplinary experts.

We are a friendly and intellectually promiscuous team of AI researchers, bioinformaticians, and scientists passionate about science.

Our values are transparent.

The insights and hypotheses we provide are explainable, statistically valid, and easy to audit and reproduce.

Results, even with small data.

We have proven results with data sets as small as 22 patients.

Start the conversation.​

Every team, project, and pipeline is unique, and we want to hear about yours.​

Contact us any way you like — email, phone, or online form — or schedule a one-on-one with a scientist.

Abzu accelerates scientific discoveries.​

Read the latest Abzu case studies in disease understanding and drug discovery.

Abzu’s proprietary discovery engine: The QLattice.

Our QLattice discovery engine is a new class of artificial intelligence built in-house on our patented technology. Models developed by the QLattice have unparalleled accuracy, even with very little data, and are uniquely simple to understand.
The QLattice

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