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Drug discovery with Abzu.​

Design better drugs and validate multiple targets in parallel.

Understanding what drives drug properties — in conjunction with accurate drug activity predictions — is a clear advantage to improving drug candidate hit rates.

Reduce your R&D risk.

Understanding the mechanisms behind drug activity significantly reduced R&D risk.

We increased safe lead candidates by 20% for a top-10 pharmaceutical company by revealing the drivers behind drug properties.

What people say about us.

We are very happy to have Abzu's scientists close in our innovation ecosystem. Our collaboration with Abzu has added new aspects to drug discovery data.

Morten Lindow - Matrix Lead Therapeutic Modalities - Roche 2

Morten Lindow

Matrix Lead Therapeutic
Modalities @ Roche

Abzu helped us determine the precise genomic locations for controlling transcription factor binding and modulating gene expression of a given target.

Thomas Tibbitts - CEO - Dogodan Therapeutics 2

Thomas Tibbitts

CEO @ Dogodan

Abzu’s explainable AI and in-house RNA and data science capabilities are key stepping stones in our development of novel and innovative therapeutics.

Kenneth Vielsted Christensen - Chief Scientific Officer - Contera Pharma

Kenneth Vielsted Christensen

Chief Scientific Officer
@ Contera Pharma

Bridge the gap between your scientists and data scientists.

Abzu supports or supplants teams, projects, and pipelines with scientific expertise and new technology.

Our technology and service offerings are flexible. We can help you prepare for analysis or suggest new and optimized compounds — or both.

Abzu’s bioinformaticians are experts at data cleaning, data preprocessing, data preparation, and structuring nomenclature for standardized compound annotation. What can we help you with?

Lead discovery.

Our ASO, siRNA, and antimir activity models are developed in-house and have an AUC score > 0.8 for in vitro and in vivo activity.

Lead optimization.

Our insights optimize for desired lead properties, such as efficacy and toxicity, which results in fewer screened compounds in vitro.

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Abzu accelerates scientific discoveries.​

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