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Abzu wins Best HealthTech at the 2023 Nordic Startup Awards.

Abzu, the Danish / Spanish startup that has introduced new methods and technology to drive discoveries in life science research, is thrilled to win Best HealthTech at the 2023 Nordic Startup Awards.

The Best HealthTech award recognizes a startup with innovative and impactful technology solutions with a quantifiable positive impact on health and healthcare outcomes.

“We could not be at a more exciting place in our journey,” says Casper Wilstrup, CEO and founder of Abzu. “Our purpose is to catalyze discoveries, innovations, and advancements — to make the prevention of illness and preservation of human life not just a possibility, but a reality. It is a true honor for our work to be recognized.”

The Nordic Startup Awards were held in Reykjavik, Iceland, as part of Iceland Innovation Week. Startups, entrepreneurs, and venture capital from all over Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden competed in 12 categories. Unfortunately, due to several flight cancellations, no Abzu representatives were able to attend.

“We were so disappointed to miss out on such an amazing night! But we are proud for our work to be recognized, and we are proud to represent Denmark and the Nordics at the Global Startup Awards,” says Jonas Wilstrup, CFO and COO of Abzu.

As a Global Finalist, Abzu will represent the Nordic startup ecosystem at the 2024 Global Startup Awards — the largest independent startup ecosystem competition — and will be competing for Best HealthTech Startup.

About Abzu.

Abzu® empowers scientists to bring drugs to market faster by accelerating their exploration and understanding.

Abzu’s expertise in disease understanding and drug discovery — combined with its proprietary QLattice® discovery engine — quickly reveals related biological mechanisms in data to drive discoveries and reduce R&D timelines and costs.

Founded in January 2018, Abzu is a deep tech startup with offices in Copenhagen, Denmark and Barcelona, Spain.

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About Nordic Startup Awards.

Nordic Startup Awards is part of the Global Startup Awards, which is the biggest independent startup ecosystem competition with the mission to find, recognize, and connect the future-shapers of the digital age from all around the globe.

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About Global Startup Awards.

Global Startup Awards is the largest independent startup ecosystem competition. GSA uses its competition framework and events to run programs across the whole world. The organization has its HQ in Copenhagen.

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