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Accelerate scientific discoveries with the QLattice.

QLattices for non-commercial use

No setup or registration. Fit unlimited models and datasets with a simple pip install.

richard@feyn:~$ pip3 install feyn
  • Fully-featuredNon-commercial use of a QLattice is free, but it might be rate-limited and trainings expire after 24h.
  • Accelerate your researchShare and reproduce results with peers or reviewers. No registration; just collaborative science!
  • Data privacyYour data is never moved or shared with a QLattice, and it always remains on your domain.
Quick start guide

Feyn is our library and is available as a as Python3.6+ package in your preferred Python enviornment.

QLattices for commercial use

Accelerate scientific discoveries, no matter the size or experience level of your data science team.

Custom solutions include...

  • Pilot projectSee proof-of-value of the QLattice's simple and highly-interpretable models on your problem and your data.
  • Technology licensesAccess a QLattice via an annual license, including dedicated support from subject matter experts.
  • Fully-managed servicesWe'll build an end-to-end solution to find new insights and relationships in your data.
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How do I access a free QLattice?

Simply pip install our Python library Feyn in your preferred Python environment to connect to a QLattice. Accessing it means you automatically accept our Ts + Cs.

What do you mean by "non-commercial use"?

Non-commercial use means use for academic research, educational purposes, or other non-profit purposes. If you're not sure about your particular use, you can always contact us.

Is my data secure?

Your data is never shared with a QLattice, and it always remains on your domain. Check out our short-and-sweet privacy policy and end user agreement if you want to learn more, or feel free to contact us.

What are the limitatons of free use?

You can fit unlimited models and datasets, but your QLattice is temporary and might be rate-limited. Learn more.

Why do you allow free use?

Non-commercial use of a QLattice operates on overflow, so we don't incur additional costs. It also helps us improve our tech and get out the good word!

Can I even get support if I have a question?

Non-dedicated support is available on our Discord channel, or you can catch our attention on Kaggle.