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Extract insights and explain relationships in your data, no matter your role or price point.

Commercial QLattice

Fit unlimited models and datasets with a fully functional QLattice. Best for commercial use or academic research requiring up to 10 QLattices.

250€paid monthlyor 2800€ yearly

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  • Data privacyNever move or share your data. Only relationships are communicated to your QLattice.
  • Full functionalityBackup and restore QLattices and manage seats. Additional QLattices at 250€/M or 2800€ yearly.
  • Dedicated support + onboardingCommunity, direct message, and email support from real friendly Abzoids during CET business hours.
  • Accelerated researchPublish research and share and reproduce results without peers or reviewers requiring access.

Enterprise QLattices

Access a bundle of QLattices on a dedicated system. Best for lightning-fast team research and difficult problems requiring 11+ QLattices.

All commercial features, plus...

  • x1000 fasterA dedicated, hosted system and on-premises deployment for scalable and accelerated inferences.
  • Tailored supportDedicated support, plus an enthusiastic Abzoid committed to your team’s problem-solving success.
  • Custom onboardingPersonalized training and setup, tailored to your specific needs and problem space. Optimal activation.
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Only available with yearly billing.

Community QLattices are coming soon!

No setup and no commitment for non-commercial use. Access one of our community QLattices with a simple pip install. Get notified ASAP:

Hey, academics!

What’s good for science is good for everyone. Are you having difficulty with funding? Contact us if you need an assist.


How do I get started?

For noncommercial use, simply pip install our Python library Feyn to connect to a community QLattice. If you’re a researcher or data scientist pursuing commercial activities, sign up for a commercial QLattice. Our documentation, quick start guide, and tutorials are excellent resources.

Is my data secure?

Well, it’s as secure as you are! Whether you use a free community QLattice or pay for a commercial QLattice(s), your data is never shared and remains on your domain. Only relationships and feature names (which can be encrypted) are communicated to your QLattice during training and fitting.

What is included with a community QLattice?

You can fit unlimited models and datasets, but a community QLattice is temporary and plots will contain watermarks. You can publish research without worrying about peers or reviewers needing access to replicate or expand on your work. Community support is available on Discord.

Can I get more QLattices?

Community QLattices are best for a single student or academic researcher. If you need more QLattices for noncommercial use, let us know. Additional commercial QLattices can be added on your QDashboard at 250€/M or 2800€ yearly. If you need more than 10 QLattices, contact us.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We process payments through Stripe. We accept most international and online payment methods. If you don’t see your preferred payment method or have any questions, contact us.

My team is a nonprofit organization. Is there special pricing available for NPOs or charities?

Contact us to find out!