Getting closer to in vivo success in three steps.

Our proprietary technology and brilliant Abzoids ensure that each step that we help our partners take in their pipeline is actually a leap towards viable, in vivo success.

Bridging the gap between developing a theoretical drug and in vivo success remains one of the most challenging milestones for any pharmaceutical or biotech company.

As the best in class in silico disease understanding and drug design company, we can’t share all the details of how we get to in vivo success. But we can share how our explainable AI accelerates drug discovery. Because our proprietary technology and brilliant Abzoids ensure that each step that we help our partners take in their pipeline is actually a leap towards viable, in vivo application.

Step 1: A leap towards reducing off-target effects.

Our RNA therapeutics pipeline, built on top of our explainable AI, is the secret behind our in silico success. Our proprietary AI crafts optimal short oligonucleotides targeting specific conditions. This precision reduces the likelihood of off-target effects while optimizing for activity.

Step 2: Real-world data springboards real-time improvement in silico.

The adaptive nature of our AI and the iterative nature of our “Design – Experiment – Data – Insight” approach means that we learn from every experiment. We automatically incorporate new experimental data and consistently refine and enhance the drug design process, leading to molecules with a better chance of success in real-world conditions.

Don’t forget: Our proprietary AI is uniquely capable of generating actionable insights from very little data. This is particularly important in the early stages where data can be scarce, but the need for accuracy and speed is paramount.

Step 3: Nail the landing by optimizing for stability and activity in silico.

Unlike black-box AI, our proprietary AI provides clear, understandable explanations for its predictions. This transparency builds trust with scientists and researchers, and gives them the information and confidence necessary to make informed decisions — faster.

Working with Abzu is not a leap of faith; it’s a step in the right direction.

Getting to in vivo success is critical — we get it! And the journey from lab to in vivo success is full of challenges. But with our proprietary explainable AI, your path is clear and more navigable.

We are committed to being the beacon of innovation and partnership in drug design, guiding our clients towards groundbreaking achievements in drug discovery. Abzu will give you every opportunity to race towards in vivo success!

Disa is the Head of RNA Therapeutics at Abzu. She is an RNA expert and drug designer with 15+ years’ research experience in academia and pharma.

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