React developer for our scientific discovery application – Copenhagen

Abzu® is hiring front-end developers for our scientific discovery platform, using React and MUI.

Abzu Barcelona

Your contribution

Abzu has developed a new class of artificial intelligence, the QLattice®, to accelerate scientific discoveries. We’re currently applying it in the life science and pharmaceutical industries.

We are now building a user-friendly scientific discovery application on top of the QLattice®. The application extracts new knowledge from data to answer diverse questions about the cause of diseases and possible treatments. The application allows close collaboration between data scientists, and domain experts such as medical doctors, chemists, biochemists, etc.

Your team

You’ll be part of a small cross-functional and international team with expertise in software engineering, user experience, artificial intelligence, and product development. The current team consists of: Tom, Roger, Emil, Jaan, Casper, and Marta, our UX’er. More teammates will be joining us in the coming months. Read more about each of us here.


The team works in a self-managed way, where the pragmatic approach and user value win the day. We value well-tested and clean code and good software craftsmanship. We are highly collaborative across offices and teams, so it’s important to be good at teaching, learning, and exchanging ideas. As the team (and the company) is distributed between two locations, we have occasional gatherings and you will be required to travel to Barcelona every now and then.

Your role

Our web application uses React with MUI. It has a Python backend written using FastApi. Your role is to implement and take part in architectural decisions for the front-end part of the application. You will work together with other experienced React developers and our UX and UI designers. We emphasize the ability to work across the stack, so you will also feel at home in the back-end application code.



  • Have 2+ years of experience in React development, and 5+ years in software development.
  • Have a good understanding of standard web technologies.
  • Enjoy working in a highly collaborative team, that is often pair programming.


We also value knowledge within:

  • Unit testing and test-driven development.
  • Agile processes.
  • ML/AI, because you will be working with it!

About Abzu

Abzu was born from the desire to challenge the fundamental assumptions of contemporary, black-box AI. Abzu’s pioneering technology, the QLattice, is a research engine that accelerates the scientific discovery process.


The QLattice introduces a new standard of interpretability and explainability to scientific data sets. Through simple models and straightforward mathematical expressions, Abzu’s QLattice achieves a level of transparency and performance in machine learning that is disrupting domains previously dominated by opaque and cumbersome models.


Founded in January 2018, Abzu is a deep-tech startup with offices in Copenhagen, Denmark and Barcelona, Spain. Abzu derives its name from Ancient Sumerian, meaning “the source of the waters of wisdom”.


Abzu has raised a total of €14M. Most recently, we received an EIC accelerator grant of €2.5M to develop our technology and product further.

Working at Abzu

You’ll have the opportunity to be part of a highly-skilled, fast-thinking, and energetic team. Our philosophy and culture are based on self-management, which empowers people to be themselves and make their own decisions about their work.


We are focused on creating the best environment where people have integrity, and a strong sense of responsibility, and collaborate in creative and inspiring ways. We believe and trust in people, their high potential, and inestimable value.


This requires transparency and trust, which is an integral part of our technology and who we are. This organizational style is not a fit for everyone.


For more information about Abzu, see, and

How to apply

Apply by sending your CV and cover letter to Maria Jacobsen at We will review applications as they come in, but please apply by the 30th November 2022.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Yours sincerely,

Casper and the rest of the team at Abzu

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