Case study:

Abzu increased safe lead candidates by 20% for top-10 pharmaceutical company.

Understanding the mechanisms behind drug activity significantly reduced R&D risk.

Knowing what drives drug properties in conjunction with accurate drug activity predictions are clear advantages to improving drug candidate hit rate.

Bridging the gap between scientists and data scientists.

We supported a single Bioinformatician from a small bioinformatics department and Biologists and Chemists operating in a wet lab at an undisclosed top-10 pharmaceutical company.

Why Abzu?

Because traditional machine learning techniques don’t deliver enough actionable insights for scientists and researchers.

Our technology and service offerings are flexible. We can help you prepare for analysis or suggest new and optimized compounds — or both.

Technology and services.

Abzu’s flexible offerings include our proprietary AI discovery engine, the QLattice®, and iterative lead generation and optimization.

The Abzoids on the team.

Abzu’s personalized bioinformatic services are led by PhD-level scientists.

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