Unlock the future of RNA therapeutics.

Ready to transcend black-box AI and ordinary analytics?

Empower your siRNA, saRNA, ASOs, and anti-miRNA design with the trusted explainable AI behind real results for the most innovative top-10 pharma, biotech, and research companies.

Proven team, technology, and results.

Abzu is behind real results in RNA Tx for the most innovative top-10 pharma and biotech companies.

We're not just imagining the future of RNA therapeutic drug discovery; we're building it.

Our explainable-AI driven solutions are redefining what's possible in RNA therapeutics — even with very little data.

Abzu is on a mission to shake things up in RNA Tx development with clarity and speed.

We have a proven track record in RNA therapeutics.

Our remarkable results achieved in RNA therapeutics speak volumes about our expertise in siRNA, saRNA, ASOs, and anti-miRNA, and our superior explainable AI technology.

While we can’t always disclose our clients, we can share how we’re shaping the future of RNA therapeutics.

A 20% increase in safe compounds over and above in-house model.
An AUC > 0.8 for in vitro and in vivo efficacy for customer siRNAs.
A 4x increase in hit rate for the initial tiling library across 3 targets.

14 out of 15 designed siRNAs proved active for a single target.

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