The aimless exploration of black box AI is over

Introducing a new standard of interpretability: simple visual depictions and straightforward mathematical expressions of your models.

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THE IMPORTANCE OF WHYReal problem-solving requires more than accurate predictions

Automatic outputs cannot be justified and reveal no new information. If you can’t understand ‘the why’ behind a result, then you don’t really know anything at all.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWERBlack box AI only generates outputs

An inability to understand and interpret the underlying relationships in your data leads to aimless experimentation and constant consternation.

A transparent framework is vital for a human-centric, trustworthy AI

Explainability and interpretability are crucial to manage, trust, and understand the decisions developed by AI, especially if decisions are critical or have a social impact.

PRIVATE AIPrivacy by design

Quickly train models without moving or sharing data, preserving your and your customers’ information and security — and your time.

Private, secure, and responsible

Securely train models without moving or sharing data, protecting your information on your domain with our private-by-design workflow.

Clear and powerful insights, even for small datasets

Close the gap between hypothesis-driven research and traditional machine learning techniques.

Drug discovery
Clinical trials
Quality control

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Extract insights and explain the real relationships in your data. It’s time for transparency.