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The future of AI lies in the lifelike simulation of self-organizing systems. Our pioneering technology is inspired by quantum mechanics and neural networks. You won’t find it anywhere else in the world — except in nature.

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Explainable AITransparent and trustworthy

Understand why decisions are made in your domain with easy-to-interpret models and straightforward graphical representations.

A transparent framework is vital for a human-centric, trustworthy AI

Explainability and interpretability are crucial for Data Scientists and decision-makers to manage, trust, and understand the decisions developed by AI, especially if decisions are critical or have a social impact.

Traceable insights make Abzu’s AI more usable, safe, and interpretable for the individual, company, and organization — and part of the solution to complex transnational problems.

Shareable AINEW! Recombination Learning

Accelerate inferences by recombining learnings from previous observations so you can solve problems even with limited data.

Reusing existing knowledge to solve new problems is the next leap forward for AI

Recombination Learning, inspired by quantum mechanics and neural networks, is an innovative, shareable machine learning framework that operates in Abzu’s proprietary QLattices.

This revolutionary method, which accumulates and recombines learnings, can remember from and learn across completely different situations — exactly like the neural network of a human brain.

Private AIPrivacy by design

Quickly train models without moving or sharing data, preserving your and your customers’ information and security — and your time.

Learning from distributed data can be fast and secure

Abzu’s QLattice makes machine learning possible without moving or sharing data; models can be trained without data ever leaving their respective domains.

The novel learning process in Abzu’s QLattice drastically reduces the communication costs of federated learning, combining speed with privacy preservation and risk reduction.

Clear and powerful insights for any industry

Abzu is closing the artificial intelligence gap by empowering Data Scientists and Programmers to solve today’s business challenges, no matter the industry, business type, or size of the problem.

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What are Q waiting for?

The future of AI lies in the lifelike simulation of self-organizing systems. That's our QLattice, and it's ready for you.