The aimless exploration of black-box AI is over

THE IMPORTANCE OF WHYReal problem-solving requires more than accurate predictions

Automatic outputs from black-box models reveal no new information. If you can’t understand "the why" behind a result, then you're not learning anything at all.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWERClear and powerful insights

Who are the Abzoids behind our human-centric technology?

Abzu was born from the desire to challenge the fundamental assumptions of contemporary, black-box AI.

In 3 minutes, you'll see "the why" behind Abzu: our technology, culture, values, and ambitions.

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How can you best extract knowledge from data?

Explainable AI holds the promise of delivering predictions that are understandable to the human mind.

In this story of predicting breast cancer outcomes, you'll see what it means to cut through the noise and reveal the signal.

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We're developing an AI that delivers explanations that we — as humans, researchers, and scientists — can actually understand.

Casper Wilstrup, CEO

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