LSX Nordic Congress: Biotech, Healthtech, Medtech.

The leading senior executive strategy, investment, and partnering conference for the Nordic region.

Abzu's panel:

"How data science is revolutionizing life sciences and optimizing data assets."

Abzu’s founder and CEO, Casper Wilstrup, participated in this panel at LSX Nordic Congress.

On the conference:

The LSX Nordic Congress is the leading senior executive strategy, investment and partnering conference for the Nordic region.

The LSX Nordic Congress has been connecting life science and healthcare industry leaders with international investment and strategic partners to further the growth, development and internationalisation of Nordic life science and healthcare innovation since 2018.

The mission is to facilitate ever greater international investment into the region, as well as foster strategic partnerships and collaboration with key international healthcare stakeholders.

How data science is revolutionizing life sciences and optimizing data assets.

The LSX Nordic Congress panel abstract:

Data science is not only transforming drug development, but also changing the way we can understand, diagnose, track, and treat diseases with therapeutics, diagnostics, and devices. Large and small companies alike in the Nordics and globally are now implementing revolutionary data science solutions to help drive efficiencies and improve patient treatment and care.

This panel of experts discusses how companies of all sizes can look to take advantage of the huge benefits that AI, ML, and data analytics can provide.

Moderated by Troels Bierman Mortensen, CEO, DataFair, with panelists Tuomo Pentikainen, CEO, Veil AI; Robert Lauritzen, CEO, Cerebriu, Casper Wilstrup, CEO, Abzu; and Mads Jarner Brevadt, CEO & Co-founder, Radiobiotics.

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