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Revealing new insights into disease mechanisms.

Revealing new dimensions: Disease insights by Abzu.

Exploring disease understanding with Abzu.

Step into the world of disease insights with Abzu, where we bridge cutting-edge research of disease mechanisms with practical solutions. Here, we explore uncharted territories of the “why” behind diseases, driving innovations in diagnostics and therapeutics.

Scientists at Abzu and NASA GeneLab have identified gene combinations that explain the origin of rashes astronauts develop during space missions
Abzu’s QLattice uniquely identified key “partner” genes involved in skin spaceflight response, a new discovery for how spaceflight damages skin.
Understanding how bears can hibernate without developing blood clots or muscle atrophy can help humans prepare for the future of space travel.
Abzu's Jonas Elsborg presents his research with NASA GeneLab: "Elucidating dermatological changes in spaceflight with explainable AI."
The TOLAC project brings data-driven insights to expectant parents at important stages of pregnancy to reduce the risk inherent in vaginal or caesarian delivery.
To address the deficiency of treatments for rare diseases, the selected partners in project Elegant North will create a cross-border, rare disease data-sharing platform to foster cross-sector collaboration between researchers, companies, and healthcare systems.
Stratifying patients at pretreatment by answering the question: Can we distinguish which patients will respond to OMO-103 treatment at baseline?
Good clinical practice requires responsible conduct and considerations of safety and ethics.
The world's leading AI-in-medicine summit series. Connecting 200,000 clinicians, technologists, and C-suite executives.
Simple models accurately predicted and explained key biomarkers for successful clinical trial test of siRNA designed to downregulate.
An example of peptide drug development: Featurization and modeling using anticancer peptides.
Abzu om Techtopia: Den kunstige intelligens skal ud af den sorte box, så vi kan forstå, hvordan den er nået til sit resultat, og hvad vi kan bruge det til.
The QLattice, a new explainable AI algorithm, can cut through the noise of omics data sets and point to the most relevant inputs and models.
A 17 minute video about Abzu's origins and an impactful application of explainable AI in life science: diagnosing breast cancer mortality.
Accelerating scientific discoveries with Abzu's explainable AI: A breast cancer example
The increasing application of black-box models gives rise to a range of both ethical and scientific questions.

Understand what causes disease with Abzu.

Abzu's visionary approach to disease understanding insights.

The future of healthcare lies in our ability to decode the intricate language of diseases.

At Abzu, we’re on a mission to transform our understanding of diseases from the ground up. Our unique perspective on disease understanding is not just about identifying the “why”; it’s about shining a light on the unseen, making the invisible visible. 


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