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Explainability is key to ethical AI use. You simply cannot trust a model that makes a prediction without explaining its reasoning.

We ditched the traditional swag option for a more personal and green approach: We encouraged Abzoids to bring their preferred textile – preferably pre-loved – to screen-print our logo on.
In the life sciences sector, many AI applications fall under the high-risk category.
Dr. Andree Bates and Casper Wilstrup discuss how Abzu’s QLattice explainable AI algorithm can be used to accelerate disease understanding, drug design, and insights in Pharma R&D.
Casper Wilstrup explains the symbolic AI behind Abzu's proprietary QLattice®: An AI that generates explanations along with predictions.
Casper joins EU-Startups podcast not only to talk about the benefits, but also the real challenges of startups building their tech stacks on black-box AI infrastructure, and the issue of uncertainty over upcoming regulations from the EU and other regulatory bodies.
If we want the financial industry to be considered more trustworthy than it is today, the use of AI in fintech is not off the table. But it calls for a cautious approach – and trustworthy AI.
According to my naturalist view, all stuff — including AIs — has some level of proto-consciousness. However, I’m fairly certain that current AIs aren’t experiencing unified consciousness like we do.
Launched in collaboration with the Ethical AI Governance Group (EAIGG) and the Ethical AI Database (EAIDB), the Nordic Ethical AI Landscape is the only publicly available, vetted database of AI companies in the Nordics that provide ethical services.
Abzu will be applying the €2.5 million grant to the development of the Abzu AI platform, a user-friendly and easy-to-operate platform built on the QLattice engine that makes interpretable and explainable predictions widely accessible.
Good clinical practice requires responsible conduct and considerations of safety and ethics.
We're thrilled to announce that Gartner has named Abzu a "Cool Vendor" in AI for excelling in explainability, fairness, and trustworthiness.
Everyone seems to be talking about trustworthy AI these days. Yet it isn’t always clear what that is supposed to mean.
Something is brewing in Europe. Is it an ecosystem of excellence?
Basel Area Business & Innovation, a non-profit agency dedicated to helping startups, institutions, and companies find business success in the Basel Area, was integral in supporting Abzu’s settlement and facilitating access to the thriving ecosystem.
The explainable models from Abzu's QLattice allow Byrd to precisely understand what inputs have been used to determine if content has been falsified.
The transparent and explainable graph-based models from Abzu allow Byrd to precisely understand what inputs have been used to determine if content has been falsified.
At Abzu, we’re for human-centric tech. We’re not for control by external agents, so we’ll never ask for anything we don’t need.
Explainable AI with the QLattice and feynplots

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